About us



Dudley's Cattery has been approved by the Feline Advisory Bureau which means it is built and run to their very high standards.

Fiona has been trained in Cattery Management by FAB at one of the top catteries in the UK.

The cattery was built and licensed in January 2006. Our first guests arrived the day after the license was issued!

There is continuity of care as the same people look after the cats every day so we get to know your cats and any problems are spotted early.

Additional attention is given to elderly cats, kittens and those with special needs.

The cattery has full height sneeze barriers and safety passage.

All the boarders have a full height, heated indoor sleeping area complete with a window and window seat and a covered outdoor run equipped with a scratching post and shelf with a garden view. There is plenty of wildlife for the entertainment of our guests. The run is accessed during the day by a cat flap.

Beds and bedding are provided but you can also bring your own as smells from home help to settle your cat faster.

We have sixteen chalets that are large enough to accommodate two cats and four that can take up to four cats.

Only cats from the same family can share.

The cattery has full height sneeze barriers so each cat can see its neighbour but there is no direct contact between them.

Owners are always welcome to come and visit the cattery (please phone first) before boarding their cats.