Health care



Any treatment prescribed by a veterinary surgeon prior to boarding can be continued during your cat's stay.

Should you cat become ill during its stay at Dudley's, our block veterinary insurance policy will cover vets fees and treatment up to the value of £700 for any new illness diagnosed.

Treatment will be at your own vets which is preferred or at the cattery's designated surgery.

Please note that pre-existing conditions are not covered.

All cats must be immunized against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Upper Respiratory Infections (Cat Flu) and a valid vaccination certificate must be produced upon arrival. Boosters must have been administered no less than two weeks before boarding.

Cats are checked on arrival and will be refused admission if there is any sign of ill health.

In order to keep the Cattery a flea-free zone, we ask that owners protect their cats particularly during the year. Regular worming also helps to ensure good health.

Male cats over the age of seven months, which have not been neutered, will not be accepted for boarding.